Green Services

Optima facility has developed an innovative program “Optima Green Services”, in order to minimize our customers’ environmental impact through the development of sustainability initiatives in the services field ( Green Facility Management ), actively cooperating to the contribution of added value to our customers by:

  • Minimizing environmental impact of their buildings and installations
  • Reducing their energy consumptions and generating savings
  • Increasing employees’ comfortability with healthy work environments ( We
  • spend 80% of our time in enclosed spaces )

Owners and building managers have a key role in the implementation of sustainability initiatives in existing buildings. -Non-residential buildings, have a huge impact on the environment:

  • Produce 40% of CO2 emissions
  • Are responsible for consuming 40% of natural resources
  • Represent 40% of waste produced
  • Consume 15% of potable water
  • Have a huge impact on human health ( 30% of     the buildings suffer from the
  • “ Sick Building Syndrome “ )

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